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Bionet is an R&D-oriented manufacturer of bio-signal medical equipment, such as electrocardiographs (ECG / EKG), spirometers, fetal and patient monitors. Bionet also manufactures veterinary equipment including veterinary monitors, capnography, veterinary pulse oximeters, and veterinary wireless ECG. With innovative, yet affordable new technology, Bionet brings you products designed to make patient care easier, quicker, and more economical.


  • Bionet Brio


Bionet Europe GmbH

As an extension of Bionet, Bionet Europe GmbH was established in 2020 to serve the European region. Bionet Europe’s core philosophy is based on a commitment to providing high-quality medical and veterinary products to enhance healthcare services. We aim to distribute Bionet’s products by working with quality distributors to successfully collaborate in making Bionet a world-class manufacturer and supplier.


  • Bionet Cardio Q50 Cardio Q70



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